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!!New Release!! Yuko (Friendship Between Nations) – Overview

In this, the second of three planned memoirs, Dick Jorgensen takes readers along on his first around-the-world journey as he travels back to the United States from Japan in 1956. (O Tomodachi, Friend, Jorgensen’s first book, tells the story of his two years of teaching at the University of Hiroshima from 1954-56.) Through Southeast Asia and then the Middle East, to Europe and finally, boarding a ship for New York from Genoa, Jorgensen gives us a firsthand view of life and times in the mid-20th-century world, cluing us into the history of various places along the way, and reminding us that the world is ever-changing and subject to the vagaries of man and politics. Read more

O Tomodachi (Friend) – Overview

In 1954, as a twenty-nine-year-old grad student, Dick Jorgensen was selected to be one of four “ambassador” teachers in a first-ever exchange program with Japan. Jorgensen would represent the University of Michigan, where he was studying history, and would spend the next two years teaching at the University of Hiroshima, founded in the wake of the dropping of the atomic bomb on that city in 1945. Read more

Dick wearing

Dick wearing “Russian General’s coat” that kept him warm morning and night!

mount fuji

The famous Mount Fuji


Dick discovered entertaining was a great way for his students to practice using their english skills.

Dick visiting Bavaria on the trip home in 1956

View Dick Jorgensen in person!

Dick Jorgensen tells host Fred Klein about his new book O Tomodachi which chronicles Jorgensen’s two years in Japan in 1954 on a first-ever exchange program.

Mata, o me ni kakarimasho. (“I hope to hang my eyes on you again.”)